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World's Greatest Party Game
Mad Libs® was originally created by Roger Price & Leonard Stern.
All Mad Libs® except for the last two categories were originally written by Price & Stern.
I don't know if I will acquire all eight Mad Libs books, but if I do, I might in time rewrite all of them.
All Mad Libs have light blue colored links, which have all been added after 2007-01-01.
All Mad Libs that are not have green colored links.
If there is gray text for the name of a Mad Libs under the first eight categories, then it is soon to come.

Play them with friends or enjoy them by yourself!


  1. Ask each person in the group for a part of speech as indicated (noun, verb, adjective or adverb).*
  2. Type the word in the space provided.
  3. Repeat the process until all the spaces are filled.
  4. Read the complete silly story back and roar with laughter!
*5. You can play Mad Libs by yourself or in a group. Just fill in the blanks, and the computer will interject your words into the story automatically.


The Original Mad Libs (#1)

      Not yet acquired.

Son of Mad Libs (#2)

      Not yet acquired.

Sooper Dooper Mad Libs (#3)

      Not yet acquired.

Monster Mad Libs (#4)

      Not yet acquired.

Goofy Mad Libs (#5)

      A Charming Story With A Happy Ending
      A Visit To The Zoo
      Amusement Parks
      Bull Fighting
      Commercial For Face Cream
      Concert Program
      George Washington
      History Of A Famous Invention
      Little League Baseball
      My Music Lesson
      Special Spring Sale Of Clothing
      The Amazing Randy
      The Farmer
      Weather Report
      What Do You Do When You Have A Cold?

Off-The-Wall Mad Libs (#6)

      Albert Einstein
      Alexander The Great
      Benjamin Franklin
      Elizabeth The First
      George Washington Carver
      How To Be A Photographer
      Introduction To A Kiddy Show
      Julius Caesar
      Link Trainer & Flying
      Little Red Riding Hood
      Our School
      Paul Revere
      Report By Student Protest Committee
      Rock Music
      Smoking Cigarettes
      The Poor Spotted Auk
      The Three Little Pigs

Vacation Fun Mad Libs

      A Quiz To Take Before Leaving Home
      Advertisement For A Cruise Ship
      Cave Exploring
      Computer Camp
      Dialogue Between Tourist & Souvenir Salesperson
      Driving In The Car
      Ghost Story
      Going On A "Dig"
      How To Enjoy Yourself On The Beach
      Letter From An American In Paris
      Letter To A Friend Back Home
      Letter To A Resort Hotel
      Reviews Of Entertainers Appearing In Resort Hotels
      The Bakery
      The High School Monster
      The Toy Store
      Vacation Dialogue
      Vacation Sports
      Vacation Want Ads

Christmas Fun Mad Libs

      Not yet acquired.

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